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Enlightened Spiritual Teacher, Soul Psychologist, Spiritual Empowerment Coach Sharna Varraichi, blends elements of spirituality, philosophy, psychology and the universal realm to inspire and empower you to awaken to the greater powers that lie within you.

About Sharna

Born into 100 years of eastern spirituality and enlightenment, where teachings of spirituality, Buddhism, ancient philosophies, soul destiny and karma were taught from the very beginning, her work encompasses teachings of liberating the soul from the suffering of this world, by walking the path of love, light and freedom.

Sharna also has a wealth of experience and qualifications, including over 25 years experience in psychology, empowerment coaching and using cutting-edge techniques to eliminate emotional distress at the source. Spiritually connected to the universal elements since a young age, she is a powerful lightworker, guiding those that want direction in their life, by delivering messages from the spiritual and universal realm, using intuition and the gift of clairvoyance.

She practices her genuine calling of empowering minds to awaken to the powers within, by weaving the best elements of earthly and spiritual realms, to strengthen, inspire and empower; in simple yet powerful ways. Her background, passion and methods of combining earthly, spiritual and universal realms set her apart. A free-spirited soul, she lives by the principles of love, laughter, respect, honesty and kindness.

It has become my life purpose and passion to clear your soul path, and show you the steps to the infinite peace, love, joy and happiness that lies within you.

Enlightened Spiritual Teacher. Soul Psychologist.  Spiritual Empowerment Coach.

Reiki Master.  Intuitive Clairvoyant.  Working with the universal and higher realms.

Advanced Diagnostic Thought Field Therapy Practitioner TFT-dx.

Trained in the UK and United States.

International Neuro-Linguistic Programmer.  Fully qualified, licensed and insured.

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