Heal the Pain

Free yourself from the emotions, that hold you back from your soul truth, your soul path, your hopes and dreams.

Heal the Pain

Here, at The Acknowledgment we address emotional pain in a different way. Our aim is to help you find the soul teachings behind the pain so you can heal from within. Once you are able to gain a spiritual perspective on the chapter of pain, loneliness, grief, heartache, deep rooted trauma, tragedy, bereavement, loss, suffering just to name afew, it allows you to accept, understand and release the pain, from a much deeper place.

You cannot operate at your full potential if your energy is consumed with pain, hurt or suffering. ‘Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.’ Sigmund Freud’s quote is true today as it was a 100 years ago. Untreated emotions will inevitably have an impact on your mind, body and soul, not to mention career, relationships, well-being and peace of mind.

We all experience pain but it is what you do with it, that will transform you and your life.

There is not a single soul, that has not or will not experience pain, it is part of life, necessary for our soul growth, to pay off karmic debts, for soul transformation and evolution.   Pain is a great teacher, if you find the deeper soul lesson behind the suffering and grief.

Turn your pain into strength and use it as a solid foundation to rebuild, renew and restart.  We offer deep spiritual insights into the lessons and teachings behind suffering and pain.  We aim to heal, strengthen and rebuild your soul from within.  Sometimes, a deep soul understanding is all that was ever needed, allowing you to heal, transform and evolve from a much deeper place.

There is nothing in this world that the strength of our spirit cannot overcome;

there is no higher power than that of our own soul.

I am committed to clearing your soul path so you can see the way to the greater powers that lie within. And know first-hand that sometimes life’s hardships, heartaches, obstacles and challenges can become overwhelming making it difficult to see the soul lessons and teachings on your soul journey. Whatever your situation, however big or small we offer personal sessions on Skype or the phone with the aim of aligning you back with your soul power. Contact us with information about your circumstances and we will get back to you with details, pricing and availability.

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