Our Philosophy

We all have an infinite source of power deep within us, a place of eternal bliss, peace, joy and happiness; which as powerful human beings we have the ability to access, and yet sadly, many leave this world without ever having discovered it.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of The Acknowledgement lie the teachings of soul transformation, higher consciousness, spiritual growth and awakening. Life is an opportunity to connect to our higher self and liberate our soul. ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.’ – Teilhard de Chardin. We are travelling through life for a short time, and will all depart from this world, leaving empty-handed as we arrived. And so, it is our responsibility to be the very best we can be, to live at the highest version of ourselves, and to step out of the darkness and into the love and light of our own soul.

By awakening and connecting to your higher self you live a much happier, more meaningful and purposeful life. You become fearless, courageous and limitless. You are connected to a greater source of love, peace, eternal bliss, joy and happiness. Listen to our exclusive podcast, where we share invaluable spiritual insights into the gifts you can expect to find when you awaken and connect to your higher self.

Empowering minds to spiritually awaken is our passion and purpose. The Acknowledgement takes you on the incredible journey, of soul awakening, showing you the steps to the power within you, clearing your path so you can see the way and empowering you to awaken to the greater powers that lie within you.

Life is Truly a Gift

Having witnessed the departure of many loved ones from this world sooner rather than later, it is a daily reminder that life is truly a gift; too short, too precious, too important not to live the truth we came to live. Through countless soul rebirths and transformations, spiritual growth and soul evolution on my personal journey, I know first-hand how life can test you, push you and break you to the very core of your soul; yet the spirit is infinite, endless, limitless and the light within can never be diminished.

There is no higher power than that of our own soul.

I am committed to clearing your soul path so you can see the way to the greater powers that lie within. And know first-hand that sometimes life’s hardships, heartaches, obstacles and challenges can become overwhelming making it difficult to see the soul lessons and teachings on your soul journey. Whatever your situation, however big or small we offer personal sessions on Skype or the phone with the aim of aligning you back with your soul power. Contact us with information about your circumstances and we will get back to you with details, pricing and availability.

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